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Terms and Conditions

Jewelry Care:-

  • It is possible to restore silver’s shine by using household cleaning supplies that do not contain chlorine nor aromatic substances.
  • It is advised to keep jewelry that contains gemstones of high solidity: diamond, ruby and sapphire away from jewelry that contains gemstones of lesser solidity: emerald, red coral, pearl and amber.
  • Refrain from wearing jewelry in salt water or in a swimming pool.

Terms and Conditions:-

Welcome to the website; zaian.sa!

It is required from the users of this website to accurately comprehend the terms and conditions. In case of any disagreement with the terms and conditions, it is not advised to continue using this website.

Zaian Trade has the right to adjust policies, terms and conditions without any prior notice.

It is required from you to represent yourself as a lawful individual in order to use this website.

Security Protection of the Website:-

It is strictly prohibited to violate, or attempt to violate the security protection of this website which is not limited to only the following:

  • Forced entry or attempt entry to website services and information that are not authorized nor on display.
  • Influencing negativity on the website in any form, through sending virus files, advertising, sending messages, any type of manipulation to the contents of the pages, etc.
  • It is strictly prohibited in any way possible for a user to disrupt the website or its content or attempt to forge a part of the electronic processes.
  • It is prohibited to use Zaian products images or personal information for trading purposes unless authorized to do so.

Privacy Policy:-

Personal data is protected via a third party, we do not expose the information to any other party. Personal data can only be used to improve our services or for research.

Contacting User:-

We are authorized to send promotions or reminders if you choose to approve this feature of the website.

Shipping and Delivery:-

  • Products are delivered to Mecca and Jeddah within a maximum of (3) working days and within (5) working days to the main cities: Al-Riyadh, Al-Khobar and Al-Dammam.
  • It is necessary to fully check and examine the product before completely receiving it.
  • In order to receive your product, it is required to show ID that corresponds with your personal details entered on the website.


Zaian.sa provides users the ability to pay via bank transfer or credit card (Visa or Mastercard); payment is through a third party. Primary beneficiary is to the paying individual, Zaian Trade will not be held accountable for infractions or any relation of this sort.

Exchange, Return and Cancellation:-

  • It is required to test product before receiving it from shipping company. In case of defect, returning product will not be of charge. It is not allowed for client to return product after testing and receiving it.
  • It is possible for the client to return product if he/she does not desire it during the time of retrieval, delivery charge and prior fees will be charged.
  • It is possible for the client to exchange a product with another product before time of retrieval (only once) without additional charge.
  • Client can cancel order at any time, the amount of deduction will vary depending on the order.

Tax and VAT:

All prices listed on this website are tax exclusive.